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Student/Parent Testimonies:

“Mac has learned the value of putting in hard work to achieve a defined goal. Earning stripes for individual moves allowed him to see the rewards of practicing and ultimately resulted in him advancing to the next rank. This is a critical life lesson. Mac has also learned discipline, respect and attention to detail.”



“My son has Asperger’s syndrome and because of this, I was wary of putting him in any sort of group activity. However, in the couple of months he’s been participating in Larry Moulton’s Taekwondo class, he’s become a completely different child. He laughs more, he makes eye contact, and he’s gotten over his aversion of being touched. I cannot say enough wonderful things about what this class has meant to my son and our family. It’s been so amazing watching him come out of his shell and take pride in himself and his accomplishments and I owe it all to Mr. Moulton.”

-Jennifer David.